Unparalleled learning in the heart of Sentosa

Open House 

Sat, 22 September 2018

9am - 12pm

Pre-school and Primary Programme

Small class size, dedicated English and Chinese teachers
This boutique environment with dedicated English and Chinese teachers for each class will give your child the individualized support that is ideal in the pre-school and early primary years.

Unique Nature Education Programme 
unique nature education and outdoor programme offers your child exciting experiences in beach volleyball, adventure sports, nature trails and more. 

Unique Physical Education Programme
Sentosa boasts a dedicated Pre-School P.E. Specialist and Kindergarten & Primary P.E. Specialist. The younger children enjoy tailored small group physical challenges around our tropical campus. The older children on campus enjoy Sports Inquiry and Action Adventure Mondays in addition to their P.E. encounters. This includes a swimming programme, yoga, and risk taking encounters with Mega Adventure on Sentosa Island as the children move through a customised programme of rope work, physical trails, and rock climbing!

Close-knit Caring Community
Teachers are hand-picked to ensure that they offer care and warmth to the children. The 'open door' policy welcomes families to actively participate in the programme through various events and personal class initiatives. The Parent Den on campus supports parents with connecting over coffee/tea as sense of belonging is important for you too! 


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Limited vacancies for Playgroup to Primary